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Pathloss Malaysia , Interference, PTMP, PL5B, PL5C, PL5I, PL5T

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Pathloss 5 Versions

The Pathloss 5 program is structured in the following options:
PL5B - Basic program - point to point link design
The basic program consists of the network display and the automated linking and design features for point to point radio links. This includes the design sections for terrain data, antenna heights, diffraction, transmission analysis and reflections - multipath analysis. These features are common to all program options.

PL5C - Point to multipoint design - local studies (PL5B + PTMP-local studies option)
The point to multipoint design option adds multi-sectored base stations to the network display. These are used for the automatic PTMP linking and design features. Additionally local coverage studies can be carried out centered on a base station using signal strength, fade margin or visibility as the display criteria.

PL5I - Interference (PL5B + Interference option)
The interference option calculates the aggregate interfering level of all transmitters in a selected group. The subsequent receiver threshold degradation and increase in outage time is calculated for rain and multipath correlated fading. The analysis can be carried out for all radio types in point to point and point to multipoint networks taking into account the duplex arrangement on PTMP radios. Interference through passive repeaters is included in the calculation.

PL5T - Interference, point to multipoint design, local and area studies (PL5B + PTMP-local studies & Interference option)
This option combines the point to multipoint - local studies and interference options and adds area study analysis. In an area study, signals from a number of base stations are calculated into a common area. In addition to receive signal levels, an area study can display the most likely server, carrier to interference and simulcast delay.

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