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Frequently Asked Questions
Get to Know PLS-SEM and SmartPLS

SmartPLS is one of the leading software tools for partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM).

A single user license allows the installation of SmartPLS on a specific computer. License activation requires internet access, afterwards the license can be used offline. The license period starts from the date of first use (you can buy it now and use it later).

A network license allows the installation of SmartPLS on an arbitrary number of computers. But only a limited number of computers (=concurrent users) may run SmartPLS simultaneously. The license period starts from the day of license creation. If you want to buy a network license now but want to use it later, please let us know when ordering. For the operation of a network license you can use our infrastructure or maintain your own license server installation.


What are the SmartPLS license options?
Network Licensing Server Setup
SmartPLS Network Licenses
Network Licensing Server Setup

Are SmartPLS licenses subscription based?

The SmartPLS licenses are not a subscription and you are not forced into an ongoing contract.

When a license key expires, you may purchase a new license but there is no automatism.

If you like you can purchase a key for multiple years.

What are Seat Licenses?

In the past, we have also referred to these licenses as single-user licenses.

Seat Licenses will allow you to install a copy of SmartPLS on a single computer. The installed copy can be used by one user at a time.

To activate a seat license, the computer running SmartPLS has to be connected to the internet. Afterward, SmartPLS can be used offline without an internet connection.

How to switch your computer!

Once activated, seat licenses are bound to a specific computer. If you switch your hardware during the licensing period, SmartPLS provides the error message license is already activated on another computer when you try to use the same license key on another computer. Upon request and only if you permanently switch your computer, please send an email to We will then reset your license key so that the remaining term can be used on your new computer.

What are Floating Licenses?

In the past, we have also referred to these licenses as network licenses.

Floating licenses will allow you to install SmartPLS on an arbitrary number of computers on your network. The number of users who can use SmartPLS at the same time is equal to the number of concurrent users purchased.

Floating licenses can be operated in 2 different ways.

1. by using the SmartPLS licensing server

This is the easiest way to start with floating licenses. No further installation is required. We will deliver a special license key that clients can enter in SmartPLS. Computers that want to use the license need to be connected to the internet.

Main advantage: Works out of the box. No further installation required.

2. by hosting your own licensing server

With minimal effort (see installation instructions) you can host a licensing server yourself in your own network which gives you more control. Please see our installation instruction. Computers then connect to your licensing server directly. For that, the IP and port of the server need to be configured in SmartPLS.

Main advantages: Better access control and usage statistics. Clients do not need Internet access.

How to install and launch SmartPLS

Its simple. Please download the installer for your operating system here:


Download latest version
Network Licensing Server Setup

* ESD: Electronic Software Download.
All the products are digital in nature and are downloaded/shipped online. There will be no physical CD/manual.

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