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1.           Stata/MP: The fastest edition of Stata (for quad-core, dual-core, and multicore/multiprocessor computers) that can analyze the most data. The number of core license that matches your machine’s core/processor will produce a faster speed performance. The MP series is available in 2 cores, 4 cores, 6 cores and up to 64 cores.

2.           Stata/SE: Standard edition; for larger datasets

3.           Stata/BE (formerly Stata/IC) : Basic edition; for mid-sized datasets


For a comparison, please visit :

All the above editions have the same complete set of features and include PDF documentation (32 manuals with over 16,000 pages).


You can learn all about Stata 17:  new features and see them in action.

Stata 17 license is available as Subscription-based and Perpetual. Pricing for Stata perpetual licenses has increased significantly. This is because perpetual licenses are a premium product that can be used forever but at the same time StataCorp is shifting their focus towards subscription-based licenses. We want to quote customers with annual pricing and the benefits, even if asking for perpetual pricing. There is also an option to purchase a multiyear (2 year or 3 year) license as mentioned above and as you can see, it does work out to have a significantly lower upfront cost.


Subscription-based :

  • automatically receive complimentary upgrades to new versions of Stata during the license term.
  • always have the most current version of Stata, ensuring access to all new software features and security updates at no additional cost.
  • have a significantly lower upfront cost.
  • predictable cost; users are able to anticipate and budget for their annual licensing.
  • annual or multiyear (2 or 3 years) licenses available; prior to the expiration date, customers may renew their license to ensure continued access to Stata software.


Perpetual license:

  • will not expire and will continue running for as long as it meets the user’s needs.
  • include one year of maintenance (upgrade to new version upon release) to ensure customers maintain access to the latest version, features and updates.
  • receive a convenient reminders to renew the maintenance prior to the one-year expiration.
  • if you decide to not renew maintenance, upgrades to new versions of Stata must be purchased separately.


Stata Licensing/Stata License Agreement

  • A single-user license for Stata is an identified-user license. The registered user is the only authorized user of that license. A single-user license allows Stata to be installed on multiple* computers as long as the authorized user is the only one with access to the software. In a typical scenario, multiple* computers refers to, for e.g. home and office computer - belonging to the sole user and as long as the sole user is the only one using it at any one time. If another user wish to use Stata, he or she will need to purchase another license.
  • Prices are the same for single or network, except that the minimum number for network is 2.
  • Stata End User License Agreement :


Compatible operating systems

Stata runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. There is no need to specify the platform when ordering. But it's important to view the compatible operating systems here :

* ESD: Electronic Software Download.
All the products are digital in nature and are downloaded/shipped online. There will be no physical CD/manual.

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