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ATLAS.ti Approved Reseller, ATLAS.ti Malaysia Reseller

ATLAS.ti is a computer program used mostly, but not exclusively, in qualitative research or qualitative data analysis

The No. 1 Software
for Qualitative and Mixed Methods Data Analysis.

For those who want to see the big picture but appreciate details. Reveal meanings 
and relationships. ATLAS.ti makes it easy for you with a beautiful design. Gain rich insights with the most intuitive and powerful QDA software on the market. One package, one price, full functionality, no hidden costs.

ATLAS.ti Quick Tour Windows
ATLAS.ti Quick Tour Mac
Comparing ATLAS.ti Desktop & ATLAS.ti Cloud
ATLAS.ti End User License Agreement
What’s New in ATLAS.ti
ATLAS.ti Quick Tour
What’s New in ATLAS.ti
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Educational Licenses

Officially accredited educational institutions and their official members may obtain discounted educational licenses for exclusive use in academic teaching and research.

Government / non-commercial Licenses

Government / non-commercial licenses can be obtained by registered non-profit organizations, NGOS, national or local government institutions, supra-national organizations, and their official employees.

Commercial Licenses

All types of commercial use, including training, non-academic research, consulting, and administration.

User Manual

ATLAS.ti Windows User Manual
ATLAS.ti Mac User Manual

Lease: Annual automatic renewal, free upgrades during lease period.
Buy: Unlimited use period. Upgrades non included.

Student Licenses

To obtain an ATLAS.ti student license at its substantially reduced rate, please contact Atlas.ti here

Our software package is a one-shot solution:

  • All platforms: Every license includes the desktop versions for Windows and Mac as well as our Web version (*except Web-only Licenses).
  • Smooth interaction: Projects can be seamlessly exchanged between these platforms.
  • Maximum license use efficiency and flexibility: Manage all seats and users easily, quickly, and at no additional cost with our User Management system.

Lease Models:

  • Annual Lease: Pay annually and are always automatically up-to-date with the latest available ATLAS.ti version. The license automatically renews for another year, or cancel any time to avoid rebilling after 12 months.
  • Three-Year Lease : Pay once, for three years in advance. This is highly cost-effective, and you are always up-to-date with the latest available ATLAS.ti version. - At the end of the three years, your subscription automatically turns into an annual subscription unless you cancel it or buy another three -year license.

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* ESD: electronic software download.
All the products are digital in nature and are downloaded/shipped online. There will be no physical CD/manual.

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